Haptic Violin: Haptic Device for Feeling Feelings of Musical Instruments


July 03, 18


Using haptic generator, I integrated a sensing system for confirming skill in playing a violin by feeling vibrations in skin. The presentation was shown in Japanese language in lightning talk session in meetup held in haptics hakkason, named as "Shokkason".


Scientist/Developer Relations. Hokkaido MotionControl Network(#DoMCN)のお知らせ担当。 実験系研究者のデジタルツール導入のお手伝いが本業です。


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Haptic Device for Feeling Feelings of Musical Instruments Hokkaido Motion Control Network (DoMCN) Junya Ishioka Short talk 30/06/2018 pre-Shokkason in Sapporo


Self Introduction Junya Ishioka Favorites:video games (Monster Hunter, Splatoon, music & rhythm, RPG) -3.2018 Postdoctoral Fellow (Hokkaido Univ., Physics, Nanotechnologies, etc.) 4.2018 Helped for announcement of HoloLens Meetup in Sapporo 5.2018 DoMCN was established. “Shokkason? What is that, is it delicious?” 6.2018 I noticed I have attended Kumamoto Shokkason. I noticed I have announced about activity of DoMCN at Tokyo HoloLens meetup held on 23rd June. And I noticed I have accepted to give a short talk about an application of haptic device despite lack of technique.


Quitting job increased my hobbies I started to collect… Head-mounted displays, 360 cameras, string instruments (just started to learn), and parts for remodeling Combination can create new convenience! Silent Violin × HoloLens Practices with musical score fixed to anywhere in room


Introduction of Haptic generator(ADTED) http://bit-trade-one.co.jp/product/module/adtedm/ Sound signals produced by motion Vibration reproducing actual motion


The theme of this talk How I feel my poor violin performance when I sense the sounds with my skin than ear?


The theme of this talk Just do it now! now!


System (Haptic Violin) YAMAHA YSV104 Silent electronic violin Sound signals Output for headphone Raw sounds to ears ADTED Amplifying and converting to vibration Output to stomach


System (Haptic Violin) Demonstration


experiences ・Smooth vibrations by good bowing ・Unpleasant vibrations by inappropriate bowing ・A bouncing feeling by unintentional spiccato ・A unique ticklish feeling by a chord So far the system seems to display the poorness of violin operations!


What I wanted to do Extremely efficient self-learning by totally machine-supported system HoloLens → performance support with visional assist Haptic device → confirmation of tone by haptization Violin is very difficult because of: /clarity, stability, and accent of tone by bowing /free pitch because of fretless fingerboard /difficulty in keeping my posture during performance Difficult → “There is a solution”


Recent machine-integrated system ADTED Display haptics Image HoloLens Visional assist VR180 camera Recording by firstfirstpersonal view Piezo mic and tuner Exact display of pitch Wearable instrument × Wearable HMD If you can keep understanding the state and keep standards, you will improve your performance!


Struggling in production ・Eat pudding to get containers Baker's Pudding Ohayo Dairy Products -Eleven Seven Gifts from tokachiなめらか焼きプリン どんぐり 窯焼きとろ 生カスタード 窯焼きとろSeven- Good taste Sound collecting〇 collecting〇 Hard container× container× Good taste Sound collecting〇 collecting〇 So soft container× container× Good taste Sound collecting〇 collecting〇 Easy to fixing to skin◎ skin◎ Good taste Sound collecting△ collecting△ Difficult to fixing because of the size of the diameter Issues ・want to convert true sound into vibration The amplifier adds effect that simulating a room or a hall ・want skillful violin player among friends My coach laughed out and preferred the complicated system


Conclusion Haptic Device for Feeling Feelings of Musical Instruments maybe ・Let’s try with something that makes you happy! ・You can get more chance for knowing the sound you prefer by combining with haptic devices