The Internet Situation in Myanmar


September 09, 23


Presentation materials from the BGP Meeting 2021 summer event by BBIX:

Internet Situation in Myanmar
The story of the internet being shut down due to the coup

I am writing about it.
(Translating a document written in Japanese using machine translation)


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The Internet Situation in Myanmar BGP Meeting 2021 summer Document 2021-06-11 Ken Sasaki


I will talk about it in Myanmar


Note ● Speak from an individual standpoint ● Tell me what you experienced as an internet user


Myanmar location


Myanmar personal impression ● ● A historic country with many archaeological sites that can be visited Many young people, average age 25 years old ▻ And the young people are very good ● Hardworking and serious ● A spirit of mutual help, a large amount of donations ● The economy was developing at a tremendous speed ▻ It feels like Japan's bubble era has become even more amazing ▻ 8% annual interest rate even with ordinary deposits


Internet situation in Myanmar ● Transferred to civilian rule in 2011 ▻ Dramatic development of communication environment  ● ● Smartphone penetration rate 110% Android is the mainstream for smartphone terminals ▻ Many smartphones are made in China ▻ iPhone is for rich man There is also a fixed line (Wi-Fi) service ▻ ▻ Free Wi-Fi Spot is enriched as it is The penetration rate to general households is unlikely to be high


Global app in Myanmar ● Facebook is the mainstream of SNS ▻ Most people have a Facebook account   ● ● I'm taking selfies at spots that look great on Instagram ● There are lots of fun photos Twitter is for heavy users Google applications can also be used ▻ Google Translate is very convenient  ● Young people use Instagram However, camera translation does not support Burmese Calling and communication apps can also be used ▻ WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, WeChat


Lots of local services ● ● Vehicle dispatch app Grab ▻ Uber-like app ▻ You can move anywhere with this Bank app ▻ ● You can do various things such as depositing and withdrawing, charging your smartphone, etc. Store website ▻ Sale information posted ▻ Sending on Facebook pages etc. is also popular


Support for Covid-19 ● at September 2020 Lockdown in Myanmar ● Many food delivery services ▻ ● GrabFood, foodpanda, Hi-So, Food2U, Door2Door Web shopping service ▻, SGshop Myanmar


● Overseas mail order was also available Buy Nintendo Switch from in the US ▻ Delivery route:: L'ASVegas → RosaNzels → RyePutzig→ Bangkok → Yangon


Delivery company


Examples of using Internet services Monk's robe Buy online Parrot toys Buy online USBCharging clippers Buy online harp(Saung Gau) Vehicle dispatch app(Grab) buy at shopping mall


All you have to do is post to Instagram ● I thought, but... ● Political change occurred on February 1, 2021 ● It doesn't feel like you can post


February 1, 2021 ● ● When I wake up in the morning, the Wi-Fi network attached to the residence stops ▻ Internet connection is possible via a separate leased line ▻ Restored around noon Mobile carriers are also unavailable ▻ Restored around noon ● You will not be able to watch Western TV ● I can't withdraw cash from ATMs


February 2, 2021 ● Mobile carrier unavailable ▻ Restored around noon


February 4, 2021 ● Mobile carrier unavailable in the morning ▻ ● It came to be inherited from the afternoon I can't connect to Facebook ▻ Can be connected via overseas VPN ▻ Myanmar people continue to post on Facebook


February 5, 2021 ● Mobile carriers are unavailable all day ● Without being able to connect to Facebook ▻ Can be connected via overseas VPN ▻ Myanmar people continue to post on Facebook


Saturday, February 6, 2021 ● ● ● First large-scale demonstration on the first weekend after the political change Mobile carriers are unavailable all day Leased line connection also stopped, Internet completely inaccessible


February 7, 2021 (Sun) ● ● Large-scale demonstration day 2 Mobile carriers are unavailable from the day before ▻ ● Restored around 3 pm Internet access is also unavailable from the day before ▻ Restored around 3 pm


February 8, 2021 ● It's a weekday, but demonstration activities are ongoing ● Internet connection restored ● Connection to SNS etc. is restricted ▻ Cannot connect to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ▻ I can't connect to overseas news sites ▻ However, if you connect from overseas with a VPN connection, you can also use SNS  Myanmar people continuously post on Facebook ● Before the political change, there were many happy posts, but since then, there are many sad posts.


February 14, 2021 (Sun) ● ● I received a message saying that I would stop the Internet for 2 weeks from February 14th, but I did not stop it. However, I received a message saying that it would stop from 1 am to 9 am, and I couldn't use the internet at all at midnight of the day. ▻ From this day on, the internet stopped every night.


February 22, 2021 ● ● Large-scale demonstration activities Internet connection slows down abnormally from this day ▻ ● Only about 10KByte / s is connected It was said that the internet would be stopped until noon, but as usual, the connection was restored before 9 am


February 25, 2021 ● Eliminates slow internet connection? ▻ Recover from an unusable state ▻ The connection was temporarily restored at night  Has any maintenance been completed?


March 9, 10 and 11 of 2021 ● ● ● For some reason, the internet was not stopped even at night on the 9th Although there was a stop on the 10th, the stop time was shortened Will it continue connection at night as it is? I thought, but from the 11th, it will return to the situation where it stops from 1:00 to 9:00 as before.


March 12, 2021 ● The situation is such that the delay is severe and the speed is not high. ▻ Any maintenance?


March 15, 2021 ● Mobile carrier data communication becomes completely unusable ▻ ● Only calls and SMS are available ATM will also be unavailable ▻ ▻ Are you using mobile data communication?


March 19, 2021 ● ● Departure from Myanmar Even at the airport, the internet was not available in the morning ▻ ▻ ▻ Check-in system was not available and check-in took a long time I cannot to connect even in the lounge A sense of security when connecting to in-flight Wi-Fi after takeoff !!


Countermeasures for Myanmar people ● I can't connect to SNS ▻ Use another SNS  ▻ ● If you can't use Facebook, on Twitter Connect via VPN Can't connect to the internet ▻ Utilize apps that share information via Bluetooth


Personal thoughts ● ● ● I want Myanmar to return to a peaceful state I want Myanmar people to be able to post lively and happy SNS Not being able to connect to the internet is really hopeless ▻ It may be better to think a little so that such a situation does not occur