【Unite Tokyo 2018】“100 Must-see Assets for 2018” by Virtual YouTuber, Cyber Girl “Siro”


May 07, 18


Target audience:
- Users who have just started using the Asset Store in Unity

Key points:
- Bulk import popular, or even seemingly popular, assets from inside or outside of the country




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2018/05/08 “100 Must-see Assets for 2018” by Virtual YouTuber, Cyber Girl “Siro” “Siro” Virtual YouTuber Takashi Jona App Land, Inc. Unity Technologies Japan


Takashi Jona Unity Technologies Japan | Asset Store Manager (Japan Region) These slides are references for the video. Please watch the video for more information. The slides include screenshots and brief introductions of assets mentioned. Please let me know if you have anything to add or suggest about the introductions. @AssetStore_JP


Cyber Girl “Siro” App Land, Inc. | Virtual YouTuber I am Siro, a cyber girl YouTuber who wants to become a virtual idol! I would like to try all kinds of things as a computer YouTuber! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)✧‫ﻭو‬ I upload videos about my idol activities everyday so please check it out! @SIROyoutuber


These slides are references for the video. Please watch the video for more information. The video was “Made with Unity” https://youtu.be/KYnCTlmVqMU


You will surely find the Assets you like. “100 Must-see Assets for 2018”


001: Dynamic Bone Publisher Name Will Hong Price Asset URL $20.00 http://u3d.as/7fH Asset Description The whole model will move just like the real thing, from the arms and legs to the head, shoulders, knees, and toes, and even clothes, ears, and tails!


002: Arbor 3: FSM & BT Graph Editor Publisher Name caitsithware Price Asset URL $35.00 http://u3d.as/16Hz Asset Description Uses node graphs to manage game progress, enemy behavior, and more! It's as easy as placing nodes and connecting them to build your game's logic!


003: Very Animation Publisher Name AloneSoft Price Asset URL $46.00 http://u3d.as/UHw Asset Description This is used to edit mecanim humanoid animations directly within Unity, even while editing the timeline. It even supports legacy animations!


004: Post Processing Stack Publisher Name Unity Technologies Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/KTp Asset Description "Adding it instantly gave my project a professional look!" and "This really kicked things up a notch!" It's the definitive Post Process Image Effect asset!


005: Post Processing Profiles Publisher Name Gesta2 Price Asset URL $1.35 http://u3d.as/W7z Asset Description This asset to give your content an even better look! This asset can help you take the basic Post Processing Stack settings to the next level!


006: Hierarchy PRO +Presets And Selections Publisher Name Editor Modules Price Asset URL $3.00 http://u3d.as/PSP Asset Description This asset lets you separate objects in your hierarchy by color, add icons to easily understand an object's role, and has expanded features for the right click menu.


007: Bolt Publisher Name Ludiq Price Asset URL $70.00 http://u3d.as/NoX Asset Description Users manage a project's workflow and state all without any programming! Just use the intuitive naming system to connect parts and create the desired effects.


008: IBM Watson Unity SDK Publisher Name IBM Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/13Sz Asset Description Apps with voice control, translation and interpretation services, and image recognition functions are just some of the many possibilities of Watson SDK!


009: Playmaker Publisher Name Hutong Games LLC Price Asset URL $65.00 http://u3d.as/1Az Asset Description With Playmaker, you can make interactive objects with zero coding! That's right, you can make cut scenes, walk throughs, and more without any coding!


010: DOTween Pro Publisher Name Demigiant Price Asset URL $15.00 http://u3d.as/ck1 Asset Description Use this to adjust an object's movement, fade, color, rotation, size, behavior and more with ease! There's also a free version, so be sure to try it out soon!


011: Amplify Shader Editor Publisher Name Amplify Creations Price Asset URL $60.00 http://u3d.as/y3X Asset Description Use the Unity UI to intuitively create any node based shader you can imagine! See for yourself why this one is a Unity Awards 2017 winner!


012: Gaia Publisher Name Adam Goodrich Price Asset URL $47.00 http://u3d.as/ijC Asset Description Choose your stamp image, adjust the position and size, and click the stamp button! It's just that easy!


013: Odin - Inspector and Serializer Publisher Name Devdog Price Asset URL $45.00 http://u3d.as/Pu7 Asset Description 80+ properties have already been added, allowing users to make a custom inspector for any project or development style.


014: ProBuilder Publisher Name Unity Technologies Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/164k Asset Description It's a great editor extension for building stages or making prototypes in the Unity editor. It's free now and has all the features of the paid version.


015: A* Pathfinding Project Pro Publisher Name Aron Granberg Price Asset URL $100.00 http://u3d.as/NyG Asset Description The enemy is closing in fast!Make characters find the shortest path to a goal!Leave it to A* Pathfinding Project Pro, the best pathfinding asset around!


016: OpenCV for Unity Publisher Name Enox Software Price Asset URL $95.00 http://u3d.as/915 Asset Description The only one that fans trust to keep up with the original Java version is OpenCV for Unity!


017: FaceTracker Example Publisher Name Enox Software Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/fwn Asset Description FaceTracker Example is a Non-rigid Face Tracking sample project can detect and track facial features from webcam textures in real time.


018: Dlib FaceLandmark Detector Publisher Name Enox Software Price Asset URL $40.00 http://u3d.as/uKr Asset Description This one detects faces and facial features by looking at the bytes in 2D textures and web cam textures. There is also a sample included.


019: Camera Filter Pack Publisher Name Vetasoft Price Asset URL $50.00 http://u3d.as/7XR Asset Description Filters are easy to put together, parameters can also be set, and the included shaders are not compiled which means they can be edited!


020: Shadero Sprite Publisher Name Vetasoft Price Asset URL $50.00 http://u3d.as/V7t Asset Description This is a node based shader editor, which means all you have to do is connect and optimize nodes to make shaders for 2D game effects, all without any coding!


021: SALSA With RandomEyes Publisher Name Crazy Minnow Studio, LLC Price Asset URL $35.00 http://u3d.as/7pz Asset Description Lets you implement lip sync, blinking, eye movement and motion tracking, as well as general facial expressions. Lip sync is supported for 2D and 3D projects!


022: UTAGE3 Unity Text Adventure Game Engine Version3 パブリッシャー名 MadnessLabo 価格 アセットURL $80.00 http://u3d.as/Hsj アセット説明 This asset for making visual novels which makes creating dialog scenes for games easy! Simply write the scenarios in Excel and import them!


023: LipSync Pro Publisher Name Rogo Digital Price Asset URL $35.00 http://u3d.as/cag Asset Description This facial animation tool does everything from subtle expressions to singing out loud! It even has eye movement controls.


024: NodeCanvas Publisher Name Paradox Notion Price Asset URL $75.00 http://u3d.as/6tv Asset Description NodeCanvas is easy to use and comes with hundreds of action patterns to mix and match.


025: Sand Fade Shader Publisher Name Takeguchi-Syouten Inc. Price Asset URL $4.99 http://u3d.as/165F Asset Description The perfect tool for making objects turn to sand and disappear. Need to create a weathered appearance? Make something disappear by magic?


026: Teleport Fade Shader Publisher Name Takeguchi-Syouten Inc. Price Asset URL $4.99 http://u3d.as/162s Asset Description It’s just add particles to 3D models for that perfect disappearing effect, or make enemies disappear upon being defeated with this versatile asset!


027: AnyPortrait Publisher Name RainyRizzle Price Asset URL $49.00 http://u3d.as/16c7 Asset Description Just make a 2D mesh and easily add animations. It has bones with IK support, rigging with bone animations, and you can edit each individual part as you like.


028: WebVR Assets Publisher Name Mozilla Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/1476 Asset Description This asset for creating VR experiences viewable directly in the Firefox web browser and Microsoft Edge.


029: Local Package Importer Publisher Name Hi-Rom Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/119G Asset Description It shows a list of downloaded Unity Packages, lets you register favorites for quick reference, and quickly import them.


030: 360° Video Heatmaps Publisher Name Unity Technologies Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/11CD Asset Description Track where and how long users are looking in 360 degrees with 360° Video Heatmaps, which layers tracking stats over the video.


031: VR Watson Speech Sandbox Publisher Name IBM Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/181q Asset Description IBM released the VR Watson Speech Sandbox sample project for importing IBM Watson's voice command and voice recognition capabilities into VR.


032: Enviro - Sky and Weather Publisher Name Hendrik Haupt Price Asset URL $50.00 http://u3d.as/cGY アセット説明 Match the height and position of the sun and moon based on latitude and longitude, or even the season! This is a Triple A Class environment creator!


033: Rewired Publisher Name Guavaman Enterprises Price Asset URL $45.00 http://u3d.as/9ev Asset Description This asset supports every thing you need to make controllers work, such as connecting to controller ports, all buttons and layouts, and cross platform support.


034: iTween Publisher Name Pixelplacement Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/1s9 Asset Description iTween brings to inbetween animating. Smooth out object movements, rotate them, change their size, even edit their color and sound properties!


035: UniRx - Reactive Extensions for Unity Publisher Name neuecc Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/7tT Asset Description This asset supports all of the features you rely on during development in Unity, such as asynchronous processes, timed events, and frame count based judgements.


036: Asset Hunter Publisher Name HeurekaGames Price Asset URL $25.00 http://u3d.as/9CB Asset Description This is a great tool for analyzing the build log and finding unused assets in the project folder. It's even possible to clean up an entire project with the push of a button!


037: Easy Save - The Complete Save & Load Tool for Unity Publisher Name Moodkie Price Asset URL $24.99 http://u3d.as/1Sg Asset Description If you're looking for a quick and easy way to add data save/load functionality to a project on Mac, PC, or mobile, look no further than Easy Save.


038: Rainbow Folders Publisher Name Borodar Price Asset URL $20.00 http://u3d.as/mor Asset Description This asset that automatically adds color and icons to folders by type! And, if you give a folder a common name later on in the project, that will automatically do it.


039: Script Inspector 3 Publisher Name Flipbook Games Price Asset URL $39.00 http://u3d.as/2ZC Asset Description This asset lets you open scripts, shaders, text assets, and more directly from the Unity Editor! Additional features include line number display and more...


040: Object Labels / Notes Publisher Name Virtual Play Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/omu Asset Description You can add short memos and labels to the objects in a scene, just like using sticky notes in the real world!


041: 2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows - 2DDL PRO Publisher Name Martin Ysa Price Asset URL $29.00 http://u3d.as/asp Asset Description 2DDL is a great tool for adding realistic lighting and shadow effects. Its specialty is emissive point lights and lights with acute angles.


042: Behavior Designer - Behavior Trees for Everyone Publisher Name Opsive Price Asset URL $86.40 http://u3d.as/6CY Asset Description This asset is popular globally because of the hundreds of tasks it supports and its compatibility with many other commonly used assets in the Asset Store.


043: ByteClap Publisher Name O’manju Price Asset URL $8.49 http://u3d.as/SHF Asset Description If you want to speed up data saves, lower the amount of data transmitted for mobile games, or have similar data transmission related issues, give this a try!


044: ByteClap - DataProtection Publisher Name O’manju Price Asset URL $8.49 http://u3d.as/16Lw Asset Description It's a defends against tactics like rewriting save data, rewriting data stored in memory with cheat tools, and peeking at scenario data with countermeasures.


045: Anti-Cheat Toolkit Publisher Name focus 価格 Asset URL $30.00 http://u3d.as/59N Asset Description This asset automatically migrates and obscures player preferences, encrypts save data, locks data to devices, detects falsified data and more!


046: Editor Console Pro Publisher Name FlyingWorm Price Asset URL $30.00 http://u3d.as/5yZ Asset Description This asset conveniently lets you color code the log by keywords or conditions, add icons for easy reading, and select parts of the log to directly examine the related code!


047: Corgi Engine – 2D + 2.5D Platformer Publisher Name More Mountains Price Asset URL $60.00 http://u3d.as/aEh Asset Description Run, jump, shoot, double jump, triple jump, wall jump, and any other gimmick you can think of is probably included in this project!


048: Mesh Baker Publisher Name Ian Deane Price Asset URL $65.00 http://u3d.as/3DL Asset Description Put together a custom mesh, bake in a texture, then combine the mesh with a material, and just like that you can reduce the number of draw calls!


049: Vegetation Studio Publisher Name Awesome Technologies Price Asset URL $75.00 http://u3d.as/ZvF Asset Description This asset is a flexible and versatile tool for adding grass, flowers, and trees in a flash during or after creating terrain in a game. It's also compatible with other tools.


050: Cascade – Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls and more Publisher Name EarthShaping Price Asset URL $28.00 http://u3d.as/11GH Asset Description The asset for creating rivers, lakes, and waterfalls so realistic you might mistake them for the real thing!


051: Advanced Foliage Shaders v.5 Publisher Name forst Price Asset URL $27.00 http://u3d.as/ygW Asset Description This asset is the most popular option for leaves that let sunlight pass through and catch raindrops, as well as leaves, grass, and trees that rustle from the wind.


052: Advanced Foliage Pack 1 Publisher Name NatureManufacture Price Asset URL $30.00 http://u3d.as/Zkb Asset Description This pack is a collection 3D models made from optimized scan data of ground surfaces, grass, tree roots, moss, rocks, pebbles, etc.


053: R.A.M – River Auto Material Publisher Name NatureManufacture Price Asset URL $35.00 http://u3d.as/XNg Asset Description Then you know that they've also released tons of high quality, realistic 3D models of trees and shrubs, grass, and rocks as well as scan based textures.


054: Mountain Trees – Dynamic Nature Publisher Name NatureManufacture Price Asset URL $20.00 http://u3d.as/12tw Asset Description It's highly compatible with other assets such as Advanced Foliage Pack, CTS, Enviro, and Vegetation Studio, making it very popular among users.


055: L.V.E – Lava & Volcano Environment Publisher Name NatureManufacture Price Asset URL $45.00 http://u3d.as/175u Asset Description You can let the lava flow's surface cool and darken, then just like R.A.M., change the width, depth, or flow of the lava beneath with just a few clicks!


056: Puppet3D Publisher Name Puppetman Price Asset URL $50.00 http://u3d.as/16at Asset Description You can even add rigs to a model without one just by clicking the desired body parts. Think outside the box by adding rigs to other objects like tree branches too!


057: ProGrids Publisher Name Unity Technologies Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/164x Asset Description If you're a level designer and haven't tried it yet, you should check it out to see how easy it is to set up 3D objects anywhere you like on the XYZ plane!


058: Volumetric Light Beam Publisher Name Tech Salad Price Asset URL $19.00 http://u3d.as/WQU Asset Description When you want to show dust reflecting in the lights in a dimly lit room, or light up a pitch black cave with a tactical light, you need Volumetric Light Beam.


059: Materialize FX Publisher Name qine Price Asset URL $9.00 http://u3d.as/12jj アセット説明 You can make an object burn to ash without leaving a trace, cast magic to disintegrate a target, make things appear or disappear based on an action and more


060: Next-Gen Soft-Shadows Publisher Name Psychose Interactive Inc. Price Asset URL $15.00 http://u3d.as/GmQ Asset Description With just a few tweeks to Unity's standard lighting properties you can easily change the shape, type, and quality of your shadows! It even supports VR!


061: Hx Volumetric Lighting Publisher Name Hitbox Team Price Asset URL $40.00 http://u3d.as/xoJ Asset Description This asset is a reliable, popular tool for creating lighting effects like morning mist and lights flickering in dusty ruins, sunlight filtering through lattice work, and more!


062: Toony Colors Pro 2 Publisher Name Jean Moreno (JMO) Price Asset URL $40.00 http://u3d.as/4rw Asset Description This asset gives you minute control over outlines and contours, reflections, smoothness, and more to make the vision for your animation into reality!


063: Advanced Dissolve Publisher Name Davit Naskidashvili Price Asset URL $15.00 http://u3d.as/16cX Asset Description Make objects warp in and out of a scene, disappear or appear by magic, or even travel between dimensions! Advanced Dissolve has you covered!


064: Shader Painter Publisher Name Ciconia Studio Price Asset URL $40.00 http://u3d.as/ZDT Asset Description Just like the name suggests, use it to add moss or mold, spill things like ink and drinks on things, create atmosphere with puddles, and even put holes in clothes.


065: CTAA Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing PC & VR Publisher Name Livenda Price Asset URL $195.00 http://u3d.as/12t5 Asset Description Instead of driving yourself crazy working on anti-aliasing only to find that the flickering just won't quit (especially in VR).


066: Hologram Pyramid Publisher Name MadFish Games Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/sBg Asset Description All you need is a normal pyramid projection background and the Hologram Pyramid asset, and you too can project 3D models that float in thin air!


067: Obi Rope Publisher NAme Virtual Method Price Asset URL $35.00 http://u3d.as/odv Asset Description Instead of a rigid body or joints, this asset uses a particle system attached to a mesh and is a light weight solution for creating ropes in 3D!


068: Obi Cloth Publisher Name Virtual Method Price Asset URL $47.00 http://u3d.as/J0e Asset Description It's perfectly suited to recreating flexible clothing! It's great for things like flags waving in the breeze or clothing billowing around a character's body, especially skirts!


069: Fast Shadow Projector Publisher Name Grimworks Price Asset URL $15.00 http://u3d.as/6oB Asset Description This asset can project shadows on any surface! You can have hundreds of shadows in a scene, even on a smartphone!


070: Particle ProFX One Publisher Name doorfortyfour Price Asset URL $20.00 http://u3d.as/8FM Asset Description This is probably due to its light weight nature, whether you want to create a single explosion and the resulting smoke screen, or even a series of blasts!


071: Mesh Effects Publisher Name kripto289 Price Asset URL $22.00 http://u3d.as/xuk Asset Description Put Mesh Effects on a character to give them a powerful aura, or create weapons imbued with ice, fire, or even dark magic!


072: Living Particles Publisher Name SineVFX Price Asset URL $29.99 http://u3d.as/11q4 Asset Description Living Particles allows you to create that kind of dangerous, chaotic environment, with a center of calm radiating out from the hero.


073: Rain Publisher Name kripto289 Price Asset URL $5.00 http://u3d.as/ftu Asset Description Naturally, Rain is all about recreating realistic rain effects, whether it be raindrops on windows, puddles, or ripples from objects falling into puddles!


074: Beach Waves Publisher Name Rivermill Studios Price Asset URL $10.00 http://u3d.as/SXj Asset Description Waves that break on the shore, foam, roar, and disappear as they roll up the beach! Waves that roll back into the sea without being absorbed by the beach!


075: 100 Best Effects Pack Publisher Name GAPH Price Asset URL $5.50 http://u3d.as/amY Asset Description This asset has dark particles, explosion particles, every kind of fire particle from sparks to roaring blazes, ice particles, lightning particles, healing particles.


076: Aura and Ground Effects Publisher Name SineVFX Price Asset URL $20.00 http://u3d.as/13aC Asset Description This asset for creating beautiful special and environmental effects. As the name implies, this asset gives you 43 different customizable shaders and materials.


077: 3D Laser VFX Publisher Name Sinestesia Studio Price Asset URL $9.50 http://u3d.as/15g1 Asset Description This asset whether you're making a 2D or 3D game you're sure to fall in love with the 7 different toon style laser types and hit animations in this asset!


078: Stylized Projectile Pack 1 Publisher Name Effectcore Price Asset URL $29.95 http://u3d.as/12rW Asset Description This asset is made for creating bullets, missles, and beams for low poly and voxel games. It's been optimized for smartphones.


079: Stylized Explosion Pack 1 Publisher Name Effectcore Price Asset URL $29.95 http://u3d.as/G0N Asset Description Similarly, this asset is great for creating low poly or voxel explosions. You can even change the color to create explosion effects that match your game perfectly!


080: 6000+ Flat Buttons Icons Pack Publisher Name RainbowArt Price Asset URL $5.00 http://u3d.as/uFr Asset Description This asset contains over 10,000! These flat versions of commonly used UI icons come in a variety of colors to suit a variety of tastes.


081: Wet Road Materials Publisher Name Gesta2 Price Asset URL $4.00 http://u3d.as/EVq Asset Description This asset is gaining popularity as a texture, material and road shader combo. You can adjust the size of puddles on road tracks and it also reflects surroundings!


082: Sky Package Publisher Name Nova Shade Price Asset URL $1.00 http://u3d.as/u7J Asset Description This asset which features blue skies with clouds and sunsets has been an all-time favorite.


083: SkyBox Pack 8k UHD Publisher Name OXSIONBUILD Price Asset URL $16.19 http://u3d.as/L9r Asset Description It has 35 different skyboxes including clear, cloudy, afternoon, and sunset skies. There is also a free trial version so check it out!


084: Milky Way Skybox Publisher Name Adam Bielecki Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/SNr Asset Description This isn't popular just because it's free but also because of the quality and sheer scale and enables you to realize backgrounds that you had to give up on before!


085: Clean & Minimalist GUI Pack Publisher Name ricimi Price Asset URL $69.99 http://u3d.as/CVg Asset Description In particular, many people want to change their GUI icon packs with each project so assets that have a lot of icons are always popular.


086: CRI ADX2 Unity Plugin/AssetStore Publisher Name CRI Middleware Price Asset URL $99.00 http://u3d.as/WZm Asset Description You can get CRI ADX2 Unity Plugin/ AssetStore for the low price of 99 dollars! Yes, really! It's ideal for people who want high-quality audio.


087: HOLO FX PACK Publisher Name MK Studio Price Asset URL $15.00 http://u3d.as/XSs Asset Description HOLO FX PACK allows you to add glitch effects to your holograms. It is ideal when you want people to notice that your object is in fact, a hologram!


088: UMotion Pro – Animation Editor Publisher Name Soxware Interactive Price Asset URL $60.00 http://u3d.as/U6Q Asset Description This asset allows animate 3D models. Not only can you create motions from scratch with timeline but it also allows you to edit the motions of other motion assets.


089: Sensor Toolkit Publisher Name Micosmo Price Asset URL $15.00 http://u3d.as/NMh Asset Description It is super useful because you can filter game objects with its ray casting sensors, trigger collider sensors and spherical sensors.


090: U Chroma Key Publisher Name CatsPawsGames Price Asset URL $25.00 http://u3d.as/9AS Asset Description This asset supports the use of sources from your webcam too. You can choose to key out colors and is also compatible with render textures.


091: QHierarchy Publisher Name Sergey Smurov Price Asset URL $20.00 http://u3d.as/bf9 Asset Description Qhierarchy is gaining popularity with its frequent updates. It lets you add, color-code, lock, display, and hide icons.


092: Scratch Card Publisher Name Konstantin Saetsky Price Asset URL $10.00 http://u3d.as/GtC Asset Description Scratch off that feeling of rubbing that silver part away with a coin and hoping for a jackpot? With this, you can recreate that feeling on a wide variety of platforms!


093: Melt Your Mesh Publisher Name qq.d.y Price Asset URL $12.00 http://u3d.as/kUn Asset Description This asset makes objects and characters that have an enchanted look. It also lets you make objects appear from puddles and can be used in all kinds of scenes.


094: Poly Toolkit Publisher Name Google Inc. Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/10gH Asset Description Poly Toolkit lets you sync your project with Poly. You can search and download objects while the app is running if you call from your code that uses C# API.


095: Vuforia AR+VR Sample Publisher Name PTC Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/Y3j Asset Description This asset is a comprehensive sample when developing with Unity. It is very useful if you want to learn about the settings and changing materials.


096: Vuforia HoloLens Sample Publisher Name PTC Price Asset URL Free http://u3d.as/Y3r Asset Description This is ideal when you want to display and object after identifying a marker. It is easy to implement and is popular because because it shortens dev time!


097: Master Scheduler Publisher Name Thunderbyte Studios Price Asset URL $15.00 http://u3d.as/X8P Asset Description Not only can it path-find for characters, it can also divide workloads for explosions scenes with lots of debris or scenes with a lot of bullets.


098: Beautify Publisher Name Kronnect Price Asset URL $35.00 http://u3d.as/sB9 Asset Description This asset default camera settings are popular for their beauty and it's only getting more popular now that it is compatible with VR single-pass rendering.


099: Amplify Bloom Publisher Amplify Creations Price Asset URL $25.00 http://u3d.as/nnA Asset Description This asset is a post-process effect that gives the camera a movie-like effect. It also lets you add flare, glare and dirt effects to the lens.


100: Final IK Publisher Name RootMotion Price Asset URL $90.00 http://u3d.as/6ec Asset Description Final IK is an essential because it makes the character move naturally according to the movements and position of the VR controller!


These slides are references for the video. Please watch the video for more information. The video was “Made with Unity” https://youtu.be/KYnCTlmVqMU


Thank you!